Jennifer (jen_nifer_p) wrote in sped_school,

HS Language Arts ....Unit ideas?

OK, so I just began my final student teaching placement on Monday. I'm teaching 9-12th graders in LD Resource, but also will be teaching a Language Arts class. I will be doing a Unit for only needs to be 10 days long, but can be longer (as I'll be at the placement for 7 weeks).

My cooperating teacher loves to incorporate technology into their LA...which I think is great! The students are currently doing PowerPoints on their favorite band/music group, and another on a culture of their choice. THEN COMES MINE. I was thinking of having them to make their own "newspapers" and use MS Publisher along with it. Either that, or starting a book/novel (Elie Wiesel's Night, perhaps?) and making a graphic organizer, and then doing research on the Holocaust/Holocaust survivors on a PowerPoint.

I tried the internet but there is SOOO much and most require a lot of reading; some of my students have issues with comprehension. Which I also thought about doing a Unit on.

I don't know.

Anyone do any LA Units for High School? I'd appreciate any ideas you may have.
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